Developed Experiences


Provincial and local governments of the second, third and fifth electoral sections of Buenos Aires, Ministry of Health, Social Development, Security, Justice and Human Rights of the Nation

Management evaluation: Weaknesses and Strengths by government areas.

Modernization Plan and efficient use of public resources.

Image and voting intention of different communal candidates.

Quality of life perspectives of the target population.

Training of human resources (technical-administrative).


Modernization of third sector organizations: among them: R.A.C.I, U.N.I.C.E.F, ALDEAS INFANTILES S.O.S, MALBA, etc.

Strategic plan and by objectives in each program.

Efficient use of your resources.

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the implemented projects: Degree of scope and impact of the target population.

Training of human resources (technical-administrative).


Club Atlético Banfield and Executive Committee AFA and SAF

Elections ballot box.

Management evaluation.

Proposals for the government agenda.

Training of human resources in the different areas of the institution.


Almirante Brown and Pilar Industrial Park

Study of consumers of the services and products of the companies located in the park using qualitative (mystery shopper) and quantitative techniques.

Diagnoses about the resources, opportunities, strengths, capacities, weaknesses and threats (SWOT) of business organizations.

Analysis of local and international competition, defining a marketing plan to evaluate whether the insertion of the service / product in the market is feasible.


City Park

A survey and diagnosis was carried out to evaluate the current and historical characteristics of the Park, we developed projects that reinstated the space in society, we promoted massive initiatives with extensive journalistic coverage.

Filming by Endemol, Ideas del Sur, and Polka, different actions that reinstated the park in society, without additional costs. Events of high impact and social relevance, children's day more than 70,000 people with the presence of 200 social organizations.


SME Observatory (Techint Organization and the Argentine Industrial Union)

Quantitative and qualitative conjunctural evaluation of the situation of the SMEs of the AMBA.

Degree of scope and impact of the target population.

Employee performance measurement.

Study and prediction of customer churn.

Comparison of estimates vs results.