About Us

The Directors of conperspectiva, have vast experience both in public administration, in private consultancies and in third sector organizations. Having performed in the same outstanding functions, added to their professional training, it allows them to have a broad vision in order to fully understand the demand of our clients.

Corporate Vision

Strengthen through updated and accurate information the decision-making of our clients, providing greater tools to understand the economic, political and social reality.


González Gonzalo Fernando. Graduate and Professor in Sociology at the University of Buenos Aires. Sociologist Expert of the Supreme Court of Justice (Bs. As). Magister in Public Policy and Government (UNLa).

He served as coordinator in a study within the framework of the Children's Observatory in agreement with the UAI. He was in charge of the field in projects carried out both by different multinational market companies and from the Gino Germani Institute, in the Health and Population Area and at the Center for Public Opinion Studies. He was Head of Instruction of the Ezeiza district in the 2010 INDEC Census and professor in research methodology at the University of Lanús and Lomas de Zamora in the Master's in Alternative Conflict Resolution Systems. He was head of the subject Consumer behavior at the Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios. He is currently the technical coordinator and teacher of the Bachelor's Degree in Interpretation and Translation in Non-verbal Communication Forms at the National University of Lanus. He carries out consultancies for different private and public organizations at the municipal, provincial, and national levels.

Desmaret Cristian. Degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires..

He has participated in a highly constructive experience in the CEOP Consultancy, of which he had the role of analyzing the data obtained through the participation of several projects in the image analysis. He coordinated image and public opinion studies. He is a professor at the Faculty of Cs. Soc. De Lomas de Zamora, in the seminar “Forms of Intervention in the Community”. He has carried out numerous social projects, in various NGOs, which had a positive impact where they were implemented. He has vast experience obtained in the development, direction and edition of market research publications for both private companies and public organizations..


Osvaldo Néstor González. Lic. Political Sciences and Government University of Lanús.

Courses held on the Impact of Emigration; Ministry of Interior. Public Ethics; University of Palermo. Community Mediation, Ministry of Justice. Prevention and Education for Security, Ministry of the Interior. Government Audit; Higher Institute of Career. GCBA. Administrative Procedure, Instituto Superior de la Carrera GCBA. Financial Procedure, Higher Institute of the Career. Specialization in Administrative Reform, transparency and modernization. Advisor to the Undersecretary of Population of the Ministry of the Interior of the Nation. Performing tasks as City Park Controller. Advisor to the Ministry of Finance; GCBA. Insurance and Trust Manager, GCBA Housing Institute. Auditor, Internal Audit Unit Ministry of Finance City Government.